Apply for Classroom Assistant Contract Position for 2024

Pinnacle College Assistant Position

Apply for Classroom Assistant Contract Position for 2024

Pinnacle Colleges is well placed as a Community Centered school group. Our schools offer a progressive (relationship based) well-resourced classroom product which is complimented by a reasonable extra-mural offering relevant to the area and competitor schools. Schools within the group will be well-positioned within the needs of the community.

Pinnacle Colleges provides a focused academic foundation whilst preparing students for life. This is done through the delivery of a structured academic programme, as well as an extra-mural offering which includes a sporting and cultural programme. Accompanying the educational programme is an emphasis on values based education suited to the community, allowing the students to reach their full potential.

Pinnacle Colleges inspires and creates opportunities for the child to achieve their best. The schools aim to create an emotionally intelligent and caring learning culture providing a solid foundation for the future of the student. There is a focus on positive behaviour and high ethical conscience. Celebrating the diverse multicultural South African community, students have the opportunity to widen their view of South Africa and the world.

The ADvTECH Schools Division leads the private sector in the field of education, contributing meaningfully towards the sustainable development of human capacity in South Africa.

Apply for Classroom Assistant Contract Position for 2024


To be responsible for all duties as required of a Classroom Assistant.
To uphold the ethos of the school;
To prepare the children holistically for the next grade
To assist them in school readiness;
Continuous assessment throughout the year that can be communicated to parents through interviews and written reports;
To work effectively together as a team towards the success of the school;
To follow a well-designed daily programme;
To participate in any general events that take place during the year;
To integrate all learning activities through the active involvement of the child;
To uphold the informal teaching style by learning though play



Excellent interpersonal skills with colleagues, pupils and parents;
Energetic, self-motivated and able to use own initiative;
Ability to work within a team;
Good organisational skills;
Good communication skills;
Excellent rapport with small children;

Minimum requirement is a Matric Certificate.

Must have experience working with young children in the same or similar type of position in a similar environment.

Apply for Classroom Assistant Contract Position for 2024

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