Bus Conductors Programme

Bus Conductors will be responsible for ensuring that learners are transported to schools in a safe and organised manner. Conductors will need to report for duty at the bus route starting point by 05:30am every weekday and will travel on the bus with learners to the school where they will be based for the duration of the school day.



The main responsibility of the bus conductors is to ensure the safety and security of learners during transit from home to school and vice-versa


NB: This is a 12-month contract, working hours are between 5:30am to 3pm. Please note that your total hours worked for the day will still be in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment act.

The work will be done in 3 parts:

Ensuring that learners travel to the school in a safe and organised manner
Mid-morning administrative duties with down time in between


Ensuring that learners are transported back to their pickup points in a safe and organised manner


Role requirement
• Matric ( or equivalent)
• Age between 18 – 34 years old
• Must be a permanent resident of Gauteng
• Live within walking distance of the bus pick up point/depot
• Must not be in employment, education or training


Apply online only: https://www.tshepo.mobi/Search/Result?SelectedOption=Jobs&SelectedDatePosted=&TotalResultCount=10000&ShowTips=False&LocationDistance=5&InvolvedPartyId=961346&OnBehalfOfView=False&JobSearch=Bus+Conductor&JobLocationId=0&PreviousLocation=&JobLocation=&Actiontype=Search&HasJavascript=false&OnlineOnly=false

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