DAMELIN: Amend Senior Certificate/Grade 12 Online

For the Amended Senior Certificate, 6 subjects or a total of 7 subjects and at least one language must be a Home Language. You can also register for individual subjects to complete or better your national certificate.


In compliance with regulation, learners completing the National or Amended Senior Certificates need to self register with the Department of Education prior to the cutoff dates. Damelin Matric Online will provide you with the necessary supporting documents to help facilitate your registration. Please contact one of our Student Advisors for more information.



Learning with Damelin Matric Online is a modern experience. We provide you with online content, access to teachers, and other students via a collaboration platform.

Teachers and Students meet and collaborate in a highly engaging online platform, supported by superior materials, written for online delivery in a creative pedagogical style.

Damelin Matric Online is disposed to allowing flexibility of schedule due to the online availability of the platform. But, certain inflexible delivery dates must be observed for subjects, assessments, and projects.


Damelin Matric Online is an alternative to traditional schools as well as to distance or correspondence learning. It provides a mature environment of association where learners and students congregate on a collaboration platform and use creative content that helps efficient learning.

Access to our online platform provides you with access to modern eLearning and a collaboration platform.

Step 1: Click on “Apply Now”.

Step 2: Tell us who you are and how we can contact you.

Step 3: A student advisor will contact you to discuss your options, payment plans, and help you with guidance and advice.

Step 4: Enrol – Choose your application type by clicking the option below.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.damelin-matric.co.za/apply/?student_course=Amended_Senior_Certificate” ]

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