DISCHEM is Hiring Security Guards in Various locations: Closing date: 10/01/2023

Job Specification…

Be vigilant and alert of surroundings to identify suspicious activities and apprehend criminals or remove violators according to the legal authority invested in the industry and Dis-Chem standard operating procedures for the specific post through.


Random patrols of the premises on regularly basis to ensure optimal visibility and reduce risks.
Monitor and control access to the premises by documenting and regulating entrance into the site by vehicles or pedestrian’s access points to allow entry only to individuals with the correct authorization.
Investigate and report signs of damage or unlawful entry as it occurs to management and act accordingly in the best interest of protecting Dis-Chem assets.


Be clearly visible as far as reasonably possible as deterrent to discourage criminal activities, prevent theft, – damage, – personal injury, and other dishonourable acts.
Be professionally courteous and friendly, approachable, and willing to help others when receiving guests, customers and employees.
Access control – searching of staff, suppliers and company merchandisers.
Maintain and complete all registers and occurrence books.
Cancel staff purchasers and goods declared.
Supervise and check refuse removal according to Dis-Chem standards
Protect the property and assets of the business from all dishonest persons, action or any acts of malicious behaviour that could result in the company suffering loss.


Be present at your post at all times when on duty.
Practice good customer service relations for all Dis-Chem internal and external customers.
Report any unusual or suspicious behaviour by staff, customer or suppliers.
Opening and closing procedures-to be present observant and vigilant at the opening and closing of the site.
Ensure that all doors and windows are locked at the end each day.
Ensure that all water taps turned off when applicable.
Do continuous personnel frisking and searches on a daily basis.
Do thorough and proper vehicle searches throughout the day.
Report any suspicious incidents verbally to management in detail with the submission of a written detailed report as soon as conveniently possible.
Contact policing and emergency authorities and make written or verbal reports to law enforcement officers when needed as legally required and in accordance of Dis-Chem procedures.
When problem situations or crisis arise or have been dealt with to maintain observing surroundings and report to management on findings and or changes in identified that intensify the situation.
After a crisis, report the incident to management, the police or the appropriate authorities (such as the fire services in the case of a fire outbreak) with a detailed written report concerning the incident and your activities around the incident.


Monitor the alarm systems and or video cameras and operate detecting/ emergency equipment when needed.
When working during the night or alone e.g. after hours render on-going surveillance of the premises by patrolling the grounds and using closed-circuit camera monitoring or alarm systems to detect and investigate suspicious activities to ensure that only legal entrance to the premises is maintained

In emergency situations provide assistance and the emergency teams e.g. alert first responders, clinic sisters, managers etc.
Maintain order during evacuation procedures and at assembly points by providing exact directions or decisive actions to ensure the safety of lives and property by preventing stampedes and breakdown of law and order or illegal entrance to the premises.
Offer on-going security advice and safety warnings and tips to ensure that all security and safety precautions are adhered to.
Be vigilant – watch out for any suspicious activities that may mean a breach in security measures that have been put in place on the site.
Interpret quickly whatever is seen and act accordingly.


Respond quickly and correctly during crisis – be alert to avoid being caught unaware.
Know how best to respond to various dangerous situations according to industry and Dis-Chem standard operating procedures.
Getting help – During some very dangerous situations (such as armed robbery attacks or assaults with deadly weapons), waste no time in calling the police to prevent loss of lives or property.
Take accurate notes of unusual occurrences and daily activities.
Enforce rules and regulations to prevent criminal activity before it happens.
Perform special duties – receive phone calls, respond to text and email messages, and run vital errands for the department according to Dis-Chem and industry standard operating procedures.



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