Early Childhood Development Programme

The YearBeyond Early Childhood Development (ECD). The purpose of the pilot is to place YeBoneers in Early Childhood Development centres (ECD) during the morning offering support and activities at a centre twice a week, and serving four centres in a week.


The aim of the pilot is to develop, grow and support ECD children/learners in their educational development including both the physical and emotional wellbeing of our children using their space!


During the afternoons, YeBoneers will be working with young children between the ages of 3-9 in parks and at our centres, using play as the primary tool to actively engage learners in a fun, creative and safe space.


On Fridays, the program will be focusing on the the YeBoneers’ personal and professional development, following the Future Fit curriculum of Year Beyond to build YeBoneers’ capacity.


Please note: This opportunity is not available to individuals who have been a part of any YearBeyond programme before.


Role requirement
Are you…

  • Interested in developing your personal and professional skills and gaining work experience?
  • Willing to walk in the community
  • Love for young children
  • Innovative, creative and energetic
  • Able to read effectively out loud to a group


  • Willing to lead basic physical exercises, play activities & games
  • Do you like to have fun and enjoy being part of a team?
  • Do you want to form part of a movement of young South Africans making a difference in their own communities?


If you answered yes to the questions above, then this opportunity may be for you! Apply today.

Apply online: https://sayouth.datafree.co/View/GetOpportunity?tracker=NAA5ADkAMgA3ADMANgA2ADQA&sourceController=Search&sourceInteraction=Search%20detail&sourceAction=SearchIndex&sourceParams=%7B%22st%22%3A%22YES%20Programme%22,%22c%22%3A%22Jobs%22,%22sb%22%3Anull,%22dp%22%3Anull,%22sd%22%3Anull,%22sl%22%3Anull,%22sli%22%3A%220%22,%22ld%22%3A%225%22,%22pn%22%3A%221%22,%22ac%22%3A%22Revert%20to%20search%20results%22%7D

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