Training Force have Various Construction Learnerships

Qualifying learners will be competent to execute elementary construction activities in terms of the fields of learning successfully completed. This qualification serves as a basis for learning toowards various qualification in related construction at NQF Level 2.


Rules regarding Fundamental, Core and Electives: • Fundamental unit standards totalling 59 credits. • Core unit standards totalling 21 credits. • Elective unit standards totalling a minimum of 40 credits.


ENTRY CRITERIA • Mathematical Literacy at ABET Level 3. • Language competencies at ABET Level 3.

SKILLS OUTCOMES • An understanding of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. Organisational policies and norms will be used to evaluate this. • A basic understanding of the construction industry. The organisation’s role in industry and the learner’s role in the organisation will be used to evaluate this. • Ability to identify and use protective clothing and equipment. Relevant sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Act will be used to evaluate this. • Ability to use of hand on a construction site.


The Learner will be required to demonstrate proper and safe use of tools during assessment, in compliance with manufactures’ instructions and Safety Regulations. Area of Specialisation: • Basic competence in applying plaster and sreeds to surfaces, under supervision. • Basic competence in building masonry superstructures with solid and hollow units, under supervisoon.

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