TymeBank is Hiring Ambassador Agents who will be assisting SASSA Grantees switch their SASSA cards, Post bank cards to TymeBank cards (Opening Accounts)

Agents will be based outside of a SASSA Offices within a walkable distance to where they will be staying.

Requirements to qualify for the opportunity:
Grade 12/Matric certificate
Must not stay very far from the SASSA Offices
Must be trustworthy
Customer Orientated.
Go getter

We keep your money safe with regular security updates and we verify transactions using OTPs to make sure it’s really you who is spending your money.

We’re a bank founded on simplicity, transparency, and affordability. We believe that every South African has the right to accessible and affordable banking.

TymeBank is Hiring Ambassador Agents.



TymeBank is a digital bank that’s all about keeping things easy, clear and affordable.
Where we’re going: Our purpose is to empower each and everyone in Mzansi to be in control of their money.

Our mission is to help you understand how money really works by giving you a clear picture of every Rand and cent you have. This helps you make decisions about your money today that has the power to grow into a secure financial future.

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We believe that every South African has the right to accessible and affordable banking. What we believe in TymeBank is all about 3 key things, Simplicity, Transparency and Affordability. Our products, services and tools are designed to be easy to use and easy to find.

Because there is a TymeBank kiosk in most Pick n Pay and Boxer stores and you can deposit and withdraw money at every Pick n Pay and Boxer till point, you can bank where you shop.

Our banking app and online banking is ready for you neng kapa neng and our services like SendMoney for example, lets you send money to someone else, kae kapa kae mo Mzansi, even if that person doesn’t have a bank account.

Search “TymeBank Ambassadors ” on the search box.

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