Working on Fire Firefighters are typically called to assist with the management of local and international wildfires. In cooperation with authorities and Fire Protection Associations (FPAs), Working on Fire implements Integrated Fire Management (IFMS).

This includes raising awareness about fires, actively implementing measures to prevent them (such as prescribed burns and reducing fuel loads), participating in operations to suppress them, and restoring burned areas.

WOF employs over 5000 young women and men, who have been trained fully as wildfire firefighters and are positioned in over 200 bases all through South Africa. WOF tends to the anticipation and control of wildland fires to upgrade the manageability and assurance of life, properties and the climate through the execution of Integrated Fire Management solutions.
WOF Firefighters are additionally offered the chance to advance inside the Program, from firefighters to Crew Leaders, Base Managers and Regional Managers. There are likewise different positions accessible inside the Program that are most frequently filled by members who have moved up the position from firefighter level.



Working on Fire Aviation is a trusted supplier of key aerial firefighting services to role players within the wildland firefighting industry in South Africa.

Chipping away at Fire Flight is a believed provider of key elevated firefighting administrations to job players inside the wildland firefighting industry in South Africa.

It flies approximately 4 000 hours and answers a normal of 300 flames every year. WOF Aviation helps with fighting undesirable wildfires during fire seasons.

WOF Aviation accomplices with districts, landowners, protection organizations and Fire Prevention Associations (FPAs) to offer aerial help to the WOF ground crew. Its water plane airplane douse flames by dropping water loads onto fire and cooling of the area. After that, wildland firefighters will be able to move in and fight the flames, which would otherwise be too hot to attack directly. WOF Aviation is pleased with its tasks and consistently puts security first. Starting around 1986 the Forest Fire Association (FFA), presently known as Kishugu Group of Companies under the brand Working on Fire Aviation, has flown more than 60 000 hours and tended to more than 9 000 fires in South Africa.



Depending on the season and client requirements, WOF Aviation works up to 12 Huey helicopters with Bambi Buckets, 4 Air Tractor 802 fixed wing bombers, 14 spotters (Command and Control Aircraft) and 17 Aerial Support Vehicles.

All WOF Aviation’s resources for this tasking, aircraft & pilots, are supplied by Kishugu Aviation, which holds the Air Operating Certificate. The fleet’s maintenance is carried out by a SACAA approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) – FFA Aviation AMO 1116.

For information on when the next WOF participant recruiting will take place in your area, please contact your nearest WOF Provincial Office.

Eastern Cape Provincial Office

12 Alexandra Road
King Williams Town
South Africa

Tell: +27 87 352 4893

Free State Provincial Office

19 Lombard Street
Bloemfontein, 9300
South Africa

Tell: +27 87 352 4814

Gauteng Provincial Office

875 Alphen Square
North Corner 16 & George road

Tell: +27 11 314 0254

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Office

Pin Oak Building
6 Pin Oak Avenue

Tell: +27 87 352 4816

Kishugu and WOF Head Office

01 Club Street, Nelspruit Airfield
South Africa

Tell: +27 87 352 4880

Limpopo Provincial Office
15 Landros Mare Street

Tell: +27 87 352 4836
Mpumalanga Provincial Office

15 Stinkhout Crescent
Corner of Kiepersol Street
Nelspruit, 1200
South Africa

Tell: +27 13 752 4172 / 7047

North West Provincial Office

85 Retief Street
South Africa

Tell: +27 18 290 8512

Western Cape Provincial Office

First Floor, Gardener Place
Rose Innes Street
Cape Town

Tell: +27 21 532 1516

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